Quality Home Heating Services Lockport NY Residents Need

Stay warm, safe and healthy this winter. Our team of Lockport HVAC experts hope this for you this winter.

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You can get by with a finicky old heating system for a while, that’s true. Until the month of January, the Lockport temperatures don’t dip down too low. Many people are willing to risk the possibility of their heating system crashing because there is a chance it could still last one more year. But, for those who are unlucky, January hits like a lion and their home suffers from the bitter cold due to lack of an efficient furnace. Don’t let this happen to your home.

We are here to challenge that thought process. You cannot stay happy healthy and warm this winter without the consistency of well-working, highly efficient heating system. It’s time to have your heating system checked and the Bennett Heating and Cooling professionals can get the job done.

Home Heating Systems in Lockport NY

What type of systems does Bennett Heating and Cooling have to offer you? If you are in the need of an upgrade or simply just a partial system replacement, we’ve got exactly what you need. Not to mention, our trained technicians know how to assess your home’s individual heating needs in order to save you money on energy costs by suggesting the perfect heating system for your home’s size, location and convenience.

Some Ways We Insure Our Customer’s Satisfaction with Their Lockport Home Heating Unit

  • High Efficiency Furnace Systems –
    • Our home furnace options range from standard to the highest level of efficiency.
    • Our furnaces are made by the most trusted brands with years of quality product success. Some brands we carry are York, Goodman, Amana, and Lennox, to name a few.
    • We use these brands that save customers money on utility costs by the largest degree. If we aren’t saving you money, then we aren’t doing our job.
    • The furnaces we install are also the most home-friendly systems that are not loud, disruptive or inefficient. Get heat immediately when you need it with these high-efficient furnaces.
    • It’s reported by consumer reports that gas furnaces today save home owners up to $40 to every $100 they spend on fuel compared to previous furnaces. We recommend the gas furnace option highly.
  • Heat Pump Installation
    • Perhaps you’re looking for a different solution to your home heating operations. Why not give heat pumps a try. Many people prefer heat pumps because they work in all seasons – heat in the winter & cooling in the summer.
    • Our heat pumps are a great option, and once we have installed one in your home, we will offer 24/7 technical support for the product
  • Boiler Systems
    • Do you have radiant heating in your home? Then you are seriously on the cutting edge – way to go! These systems are an excellent, low-cost form of heating that last far beyond the lifespan of other heating methods.
    • Maintain warm, comfortable temperatures throughout the home consistently. Boiler heating helps the home to retain heat more adequately than a furnace, which shuts on and off, does.
    • Silent form of heating

There you have the main types of heating systems that we offer installation and maintenance for, but we can also work with a heating system that is not on this list. Give us a call at (716) 625-8632 or fill out a contact form for us to give you a FREE home heating estimate.

Not only do we assess, replace and install new heating systems to Lockport residents, we also repair and service. Come to us with all your home heating needs and concerns. We are happy to help.

Do you have more questions about what we do and offer? Check out our Frequently asked questions here.